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Dr. Palki Chopra Dhamija

Live...Laugh.... And Love Yourself Meet Our Expert, Dr. Palki Chopra Dhamija. "L Hail From A Typical Punjabi Family Who Believes In 'Ghee' As The Ultimate Source Of Perfect Health. Like All Such Families, I Also Grew Up Gorging On Fat Laden 'Parathas' And Butter Laden 'Dal Makhani'. Not That These Are Bad, But With Time I Realized That The Ultimate Mode To Attain A Healthy Body Is Buddha's "Middle Path" ;) Eat Right... Eat Just... And Eat While You Live Healthily." And So, My Passion And My Vision Lies In Making Everyone Understand The Same. It Is About Transforming Your Lifestyle And Your Vision. We At NB Committed To Transform Lives With Ealthy Eating. -Palki Chopra

Palki Aims To Do Her Bit For This Earth By Spreading Awareness. And She Does This By Making People Realize That In The End Its Not Only About A Slim Body, It Is About 'Healthy Living'. Her Philosophy Is To Make The People Aware Of A Healthy Lifestyle. It Is Not About Losing Weight, Or Losing Your Mind About Losing Weight, It Is Rather About Nourishing Your Body In A Manner That Your Life Is Nourished. It Is About Modifying Your Daily Intake Of Food To Suit Your Dietary Needs. Whoever Hasn't Heard About A Healthy Mind Living In A Healthy Body, Eh ? Palki Has Had An Extensive Experience Of Modifying Diets With NB

We aim to build a society that is nurtured by a healthy and proactive lifestyle

“Towards a healthier lifestyle...together” - Dt. Palki Chopra