Who except you would know how much you fight with your hunger pangs and still are not able to control your weight? Who except you knows better that its this medical ailment which is a big road-block towards shedding those extra flabs? This struggle can come to an end if you realize it's appropriate nutrition which might help you control your zig-zag graph of weight loss because of untamed hormones. Not only will our PCOD therapeutic diet help you eat better but will also help you overcome the side effects of unwanted medications. It will also help you combat PCOD related menstrual –cycle imbalance with nutritional intervention.

1 Month Plan

₹ 3000

30 Days
  • Identify the types of food items that aggravate
2 Months Plan

₹ 5500

60 Days
  • This plan helps you gain a deeper understanding of the
3 Months Plan

₹ 8000

90 Days
  • This plan will prepare you to tackle the variations
4 Months Plan

₹ 10,500

120 Days
  • This plan sets you on course to achieve definite
6 Months Plan

₹ 15,000

180 Days
  • A long term and sure-shot solution to
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