Pregnancy and Lactation

Post- Pregnancy/Lactation

Want a healthy baby, a healthy baby-weight and your weight in a range to support a healthy term? You see, its all about pink health. This plan helps you put on just the amount required for a smooth term and a sparkling angel in your arms. This plan is aimed at providing you the right nutrition which your little-one and you would require for an optimum mental, physical and emotional health. The Post-Pregnancy plans will aid you in better lactation, better convalescence and will support you in bouncing- back you your own old self swift and with ease. Shed those temporary pounds and be on your toes to crawl and run around with your baby!

1 Month Plan

₹ 3000

30 Days
  • This is the time when you would want your
2 Months Plan

₹ 5500

60 Days
  • This plan gives you the necessary momentum
3 Months Plan

₹ 8000

90 Days
  • This plan focuses on balancing nutritional
4 Months Plan

₹ 10,500

120 Days
  • This plan provides a proper hand-holding through
6 Months Plan

₹ 15,000

180 Days
  • The longer the appropriate nutritional
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