Thyroid Plan

We understand how Thyroid, with its myriad problems from weight gain to fatigue, can bring your spirits down. Which is why we have carefully developed niche customized plans that not just mitigate its ill effects of it on your body, but also re-instil confidence and positivity in your thinking process.

1 Month Plan

₹ 3000

30 Days
  • This plan sets you on course to tackle
2 Months Plan

₹ 5500

60 Days
  • This plan positions you to deepen and leverage your
3 Months Plan

₹ 8000

90 Days
  • This plan lets you dig your heels firmly
4 Months Plan

₹ 10,500

120 Days
  • This plan preps you up not just for the fight
6 Months Plan

₹ 15,000

180 Days
  • This plan accords an equivalent of a life
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